In Kasimov, the winners of the public action “People’s Recognition” were named –

Laureates of the public action “People’s Recognition” named in Kasimov

On December 16, in Kasimov, the results of the public action “People’s Recognition” were summed up. This year the action was held for the tenth time. It was first held in 2011.

The campaign started in November. Kasimovites nominated applicants and sent questionnaires to collection points. Including electronically. 14 people were admitted to the next stage – public voting. Information about them was published in the regional newspaper Meshcherskiye Vesti and on the Internet. From December 1 to December 5, citizens and residents of other regions could call a direct line and name, in their opinion, the most worthy. You can also choose electronically. More than nine thousand people voted for the nominees by phone and through the Gosuslug website.

On December 16, in the great hall of the Palace of Culture, the results of the public choice were announced. The winners were presented with commemorative signs and diplomas of “People’s Recognition – 2022”.

Nomination “Honor and Valor”

Sergey Timokhin, Senior Inspector of the Road Patrol Group, received the award in the Honor and Valor nomination. This year, Sergei and his colleague saved a 19-year-old boy from death who wanted to throw himself off the bridge across the Oka.

Nomination “Unity and Success”

In the nomination “Unity and Success” won the confectionery factory “Confesta” (general director Vladimir Podshivalkin). The enterprise, which opened in 2015, is increasing production, thereby providing jobs for Kasimov workers. The factory is also a social partner of schools, kindergartens, public organizations, sports associations.

Nomination “Recognition and respect”

Two well-known teachers in the city – the former director of school No. 2 named after. Academician V.F. Utkina Elena Kotova and head of the Children’s Music School. IN AND. Ryakhovsky Larisa Nikonova – received an equal number of votes and both received awards in the Recognition and Respect nomination.

“Creativity and Inspiration”

A stubborn struggle flared up for the right to become the best in the nomination “Creativity and inspiration”. As a result, the award was received by a member of the Silver Line literary association, poetess Valentina Spirina.

“Volunteer Initiative”

In the Volunteer Initiative nomination, Anastasia Tsyplenkova, a 4th-year student of the Ryazan Pedagogical College in the city of Kasimov, received a commemorative badge and a diploma.

“Hope and Support”

Graduate of the Children’s Music School. IN AND. Ryakhovsky (piano department) Tatyana Vinokhodova became a laureate in the Hope and Support nomination.

“Legend and Memory”

“Legend and Memory” – a special nomination. There is no voting here. The name of the laureate is called by the members of the organizing committee. This should be a respected person who dedicated his life to his native city, but who is no longer alive. This year, Adelaida Makarova, a resident of besieged Leningrad, became the laureate of the action. The badge of honor of the laureate of the action was presented to her daughter Tatyana Tretyakova.

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