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In Nizhny Tagil, 4 million rubles can be spent on catching dogs

The Nizhny Tagil City Hall is looking for a company that will capture stray animals from city streets in the first half of 2023. 4 million rubles are allocated to solve the “dog” issue – they are looking for a contractor through the public procurement service.

According to the terms of reference, the winning company of the auction will be obliged to catch and keep stray dogs, if necessary, treat them, vaccinate, mark, and also sterilize them. The initial cost of the service, which includes all of the above actions, as well as the return of the animal to its former habitat, is 4090 rubles. Another 101 rubles are paid for each day of detention in the shelter.

First of all, it is specified in the documentation, it is necessary to catch aggressive and sick animals. In addition, dogs that pose a danger to traffic, living near and on the territory of kindergartens, schools, hospitals, parks, squares, and so on, will be placed in the shelter. Catchers are prohibited from cruelly treating quadrupeds, catching them in the presence of children, taking animals with tags or on a leash.

The winner of the auction will be determined on December 19. It is interesting that a non-resident contractor can also apply for the auction. The main condition is that the distance of the dog shelter from Nizhny Tagil is no more than 200 km.

In recent years in Nizhny Tagil fixed dozens of cases of stray dogs attacking people. In February 2022, the problem got interested Governor of the Sverdlovsk Region Evgeny Kuyvashev, giving Mayor Vladislav Pinaev two weeks to resolve the situation. In the city, the work of trappers has been stepped up by giving a contract to the Good Hands Charitable Foundation.

In the spring of 2021, the authorities of Nizhny Tagil announced the creation of a municipal dog trapping service and a shelter for them, so as not to look for third-party contractors and save budget rubles. They promised to build a place to keep 150 animals by July 2021, but the work “stalled”, resting on a lack of funding. In February 2022, officials returned to the topic – they wanted to build a shelter in a non-residential area between the villages of Upper and Lower Cheremshanka. Its construction was initially estimated at 18 million rubles, but later the estimate immediately increased to 40 million rubles. The construction of the nursery was again postponed, promising to lay the finances for the design in the 2023 budget.

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