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In Nizhny Tagil, the number of pediatrician calls increased by 1,000

In Nizhny Tagil, the number of children with SARS and influenza is growing rapidly. This week, call centers received about 5,000 calls from parents. This is a thousand more than in the previous seven-day period. In city clinics, the reception of a healthy child on Tuesdays and Thursdays was temporarily canceled, babies are treated at home, and the number of beds in hospitals has been increased.

In the current situation, it is too early to talk about an epidemic, the press service of the Children’s City Hospital of Nizhny Tagil told Vse Novosti news agency. Most often, patients are treated at home, there are no cases of hospitalization with a complex course. A large burden fell on pediatricians, some of them also went on sick leave, which is why Tagil residents have to wait a long time for a doctor to come home, and queues in the corridors of polyclinics have increased significantly.

“We ask the residents of the city to treat the current situation with understanding, to temporary difficulties. Doctors accept all patients, there are no refusals to help. The waiting interval has grown, there are a lot of sick people, some doctors are also sick, doctors from other departments are taking appointments, heads of departments are helping, heads of polyclinics are now receiving patients, ”explained the press service of the Children’s City Hospital.

The day before, the Sverdlovsk Ministry of Health issued an order listing medical facilities for hospitalizing children and an algorithm for the actions of doctors in diagnosing viral infections. Thus, children from 13 urban districts, including Nizhneturinsky, Verkhnesaldinsky, Krasnouralsky, Kachkanarsky, Nevyansky, Kirovgrad and others, will be hospitalized in the children’s city hospital of Nizhny Tagil with severe forms of SARS and influenza. The flow of patients with Covid-19 is divided.

In the practice of physicians providing first aid, they included a questionnaire for a preliminary assessment of the condition of a child with clinical signs of SARS and influenza. It consists of 19 items. If the baby is not yet three years old and there is at least one positive answer, then he will be sent for hospitalization in a hospital.

The order also spelled out criteria for the severity of viral infections. The mild course of the disease included a temperature of up to 38 degrees, a slight runny nose and a slight reddening of the throat. Weakness and pain in the muscles are acceptable. At the same time, good health and appetite are maintained. Treatment in this form can take place at home.

With an average development of the disease, fever is possible – the body temperature rises above 38 degrees. Saturation – less than 95%, there is a dry cough. The child has pronounced symptoms of intoxication: pallor, weakness, chills, headache and dizziness, nausea and vomiting, breath sounds heard on inhalation and exit, nosebleeds, a slight rash on the body.

In a severe form, the temperature reaches 39.5 degrees and above, pronounced intoxication occurs, including the development of encephalic reactions (general brain disorders). To the above, conjunctivitis, hemoptysis, a rash on the head, neck, chest and arms, and more are added. The patient has difficulty breathing, and the saturation is less than 93%. One of the variants of an extremely severe form of influenza is hemophagocytic syndrome.

It is specified that in about 3-5% of cases, mainly with influenza, even against the background of an improvement in well-being, a sudden deterioration in the patient’s condition is likely. It is impossible to predict the development of severity, so doctors are advised to carefully monitor all symptoms.

According to the Sverdlovsk Rospotrebnadzor, most patients are now diagnosed with the H1N1 virus, better known as swine flu. Last week alone, 59,000 people applied for medical help.

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