In Ryazan, a meeting of the commission for the prevention and elimination of

A meeting of the Commission for the Prevention and Elimination of Emergency Situations was held in Ryazan

On December 16, a meeting of the commission for the prevention and liquidation of emergency situations was held in Ryazan. It was held by the first deputy chairman of the regional government, Anna Roslyakova.

The regional heads of the Ryazan region were awarded for their help in extinguishing summer fires. The medals “270 years since the birth of Herman of Alaska” and “85 years of the Ryazan region” were awarded to the heads of administrations of Klepikovsky (Denis Efanov), Ryazansky (Natalya Zhuneva), Spassky (Igor Tishin), and Kasimovsky (Ivan Bakhilov) districts. Ivan Bakhilov also received a gift from the governor of the Ryazan region.

The meeting was also attended by representatives of the Main Directorate of the Ministry of Emergency Situations of Russia for the Ryazan region, employees of ministries.

The participants discussed the preparedness of various groups of the population for actions in emergency situations. Officials listened to reports on how to protect themselves from dangers during military conflicts.

They summed up the results of the fire season in 2022 and discussed the tasks for 2023, the training and equipment of the fire and rescue units of the region.

Anna Roslyakova recalled how they extinguished a forest fire in the summer of 2022:

“With such a big fire, we did not allow damage to a single building. Thank you colleagues for this.

We talked about organizing field inspections of the installation and operation of filling stations selling gas. They also discussed the need to check the quality of services of such stations, in particular the filling of gas cylinders. At the same time, they reminded about the conditions of storage and use of cylinders. So, in residential buildings it is forbidden to store household gas cylinders with a volume of more than five liters.

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