In Starozhilovo, a headquarters was opened to help the mobilized and their families –

In Starozhilovo opened a headquarters to help the mobilized and their families

The volunteer headquarters of the Starozhilovsky district “We are together” was created in the district administration on behalf of the Government of the Ryazan region. The purpose of his work is to help the mobilized and their families.

Head of the volunteer headquarters Dmitry Lomov:

“Now we are collecting humanitarian aid for our fighters. We coordinate the work of volunteers of the district – both young people and people of the “silver” age. We cooperate with rural administrations. We phoned a mobilized administration worker who is currently on duty. He said that it was necessary for our Starozhilovsky mobilized. After that, representatives of rural settlements and organizations of the region, entrepreneurs, veteran organizations, schools and kindergartens collected the necessary assistance. These are vitamins, and products with a long shelf life, as well as various sweets. The New Year holidays are coming soon, and I want our fellow countrymen to feel it. And some relatives of the mobilized collected individual boxes for their defenders. Some brought us warm clothes, others knitted socks, which we will also send.

We will load everything and take it to the collection point for parcels mobilized in Mikhailov. The administration of the Starozhilovsky district allocates transport for this. On the 20th of December, a van with parcels will leave Mikhailov for the base in the combat zone. From it, the rear units will deliver things and food directly to the positions where our mobilized are serving. As I think, some have food and warm clothes in full, while other fighters are missing something. Therefore, first of all, those old-timers who need it most will receive help. We also buy tools so that the mobilized can saw and chop wood. We also send insulation so that the soldiers equip the buildings, tents and dugouts in which they live.

According to Dmitry Viktorovich, good deeds do not end there. The Starozhilovsky Volunteer Headquarters plans to collect more help for those mobilized from the district. It will be sent after the New Year. Prior to this, the volunteers managed to send a small amount of food and warm clothes to the mobilized at the training base in Selcy. These men have already gone to the special military operation zone.”

Gifts for children

Dmitry Lomov said that he managed to order sweet gifts for 62 mobilized children. Everyone will get them, not just the smallest ones.

“On December 9, I took part of the gifts to the heads of settlements so that they would distribute them to children who do not live in the district center. In Starozhilovo they have been handing out since December 12 in the building of the district administration. And for those who live in Ryazan, we give gifts to relatives, who then give them to their children, ”Dmitry specified.

Stoves for the military

The volunteers also met a blacksmith from Ryazan, Vadim Kudin. He makes potbelly stoves for free from old gas cylinders and pipes for the mobilized. Each has burners on which you can boil a pot of water and cook food. There are also built-in dryers for things in the potbelly stove, as well as special ducts that heat the air in the premises. Volunteers sent two such stoves to the airborne regiment, and two more will be handed over to the mobilized old-timers, because this is an irreplaceable thing in dugouts. Vadim even quit his main job to do a good deed with his partner.

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