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In Taganrog, plans to build an animal shelter

In Taganrog, the issue of building a shelter for keeping neglected animals is being considered. This was reported in the city administration.

  • On the territory of the municipality “City of Taganrog” a land plot for a “veterinary clinic, a shelter for stray dogs” with an area of ​​37,042 square meters was formed and put on state cadastral registration.

Now the land is in the treasury of the city. Specialists of the property management committee prepare a package of documents for the implementation of the lease right. In the meantime, the city administration considered the issue of building a shelter for keeping stray animals at the expense of the investor. It is planned that the shelter will be built in 2023-2025.

Photo by Anatoly Ivashov (from the TP archive)

Earlier we said that in Taganrog the dog bit the child.

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