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In Taganrog, two new kindergartens are being prepared for commissioning

Kindergartens under construction along the Mariupol Highway and Admiral Kruys Street are in a high degree of readiness for commissioning. The deputies of the City Duma of Taganrog were convinced of this during the field meeting of the profile commission, which took place yesterday, December 16.

The construction of two kindergartens for 220 places each – along Mariupol highway, 31-7 and along Admiral Kruys street, 25 a – from the very beginning was the focus of attention of the permanent commission of the City Duma for youth, education, science and culture, as well as the City Duma generally. Over the past two years, the deputies have held several field meetings at these facilities, which were built with known difficulties. The deputies expressed concern about the delay in construction, the actions of contractors, numerous omissions and shortcomings.

Now, by mid-December, according to the head of the capital construction department of Taganrog, Sergei Bulyga, the shortcomings have been practically eliminated, and the kindergartens are 99% ready. Final preparations are underway for the surrender of the state commission. After commissioning, the kindergartens will be transferred to the Taganrog Education Department to prepare for the reception of children.

Everything you need – equipment, furniture, inventory – has already been purchased and partially installed. Earlier, by decisions of the City Duma, kindergartens were formalized in the form of municipal preschool educational institutions (on Mariupol highway – kindergarten No. 6 “Freckles”, along Admiral Kruys street – kindergarten No. 8 “Rosinka”), their heads were appointed by the education department. Formation of collectives of kindergartens comes to the end. It is planned that they will receive children in the spring of 2023.

Wonderful conditions are created here for children. Modern standards for the construction of preschool institutions are significantly different from those that were 30-40 years ago, and most importantly, what really surprises and pleases in new kindergartens is the scale and spaciousness. Suffice it to say that kindergarten No. 6 occupies a land plot of about 2 hectares, kindergarten No. 8 – 1.4 hectares. Large, bright, comfortable rooms, large equipped playgrounds in the fresh air, landscaped area… Some of the comments of the deputies, which can be completely eliminated in a short time, concerned the adjustment of the heating system and additional measures to improve the safety of children on flights of stairs.

“The commissioning of two new kindergartens will be a wonderful New Year’s gift for all Taganrog residents,” said Andrei Goloborodko, chairman of the commission, summing up the results of the offsite meeting. – We see that everything possible has been done and is being done to complete construction and finishing work by the end of this year with high quality. We thank everyone who worked at the facilities for their conscientious work. And we are waiting for the opening ceremonies of kindergartens in the spring!

The only problem is the equipment of access roads to new kindergartens. Its solution to the municipality and, above all, the City Administration, will have to be found in the very near future.


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