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In the Rostov region, the national project “Labor Productivity” was audited

The Federal Competence Center (FCC), which acts as the operator of the national project “Labor Productivity”, conducted a selective audit at three enterprises participating in the national project in the Rostov region.

Recall that the national project at the Don enterprises is being implemented by the Regional Competence Center (RCC) under the patronage of the Ministry of Economic Development of the region.

The audit check is additional to the obligatory annual certification of the RCC. It makes it possible to assess how the national project complies with federal standards.

The audit was conducted at the Don enterprises, which are at different stages of the implementation of the national project. These are Polygraph-Center South LLC (Novocherkassk) and PKF Atlantis-Pak LLC (Aksai). Here, a system of lean manufacturing is being actively implemented in selected flows. The FCC expert also checked the Shakhty BTK Textile LLC, which is currently implementing the stage of replicating experience in other areas and divisions of the enterprise.

As part of the audit, the implementation of the project stages and the quality of the tools used (mapping, timing, production analysis) were considered, the effectiveness of the proposed and implemented solutions was evaluated. As well as the level of training of working groups and employees in the methodology and tools of lean manufacturing.

Based on the results of the audit, it was confirmed that all implemented project activities comply with the FCC methodology. Members of the working groups and project managers received recommendations from the RCC on how to eliminate shortcomings.

For reference

The national project “Labor Productivity” has been implemented in the region since 2019. It is aimed at optimizing the processes of enterprises, reducing costs, reducing costs and improving product quality.

The main objective of the national project is to ensure the growth of labor productivity at enterprises in the basic sectors of the Russian economy by at least 5% per year through the introduction of tools and a culture of lean production.

Today, 126 enterprises of the Rostov region take part in the national project, 72 of them are under the control of the RCC.

Based on materials from the Don 24 news agency, photo

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