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In the Rostov region there was a fire in the train car

Yesterday, December 18, at the Khotunok station in Novocherkassk, a fire broke out in the second car of train No.

The message about the incident was received at the control desk at 16-20. There were 11 people in the car at that time, who were evacuated. A fire train was sent to the place from the Quarry station.

The smoky car was uncoupled from the train and placed on detours for further examination.

According to the press service of the North Caucasus Railway, the evacuated passengers were placed in empty seats on the Rostov-Moscow train, which at 17:43 recovered along the route with a delay of 1 hour and 20 minutes. This situation did not affect the movement of other trains. As a result of the incident, no one was injured.

Photo by the press service of the North Caucasus Railway

We previously said that additional trains introduces the North Caucasus Railway for the New Year holidays.

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