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In the Rostov region, two children fell through the ice

Yesterday, December 13, in the Rostov region on the river, two children fell through the ice. Local residents and employees of the State traffic inspectorate came to their aid.

The incident took place at three o’clock in the afternoon in Bataysk on the Maly Koisug River. The message about the incident was received from the officer on duty to the commander of the traffic police department of the traffic police for the city of Bataysk, police lieutenant Alexander Demchenko and his partner, senior police lieutenant Alexei Tsyba, who immediately went to the scene.

As it turned out, two minors were walking on the ice of the river when they fell into the water. Local residents came to their aid, who, by the time the police arrived, pulled the guys ashore. The children were in a state of shock, due to a long stay in the water, they had frostbite of the limbs. Employees of the State traffic inspectorate gave the children first aid, wrapped them in warm clothes and took them to the Bataysk Central City Hospital. Now the children’s lives are not in danger.

Photo and UGIBDD in the Rostov region

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