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In the Russian Federation, technical inspection will rise in price by 57%

The procedure for technical inspection of a passenger car in Russia from January 1, 2023 will rise in price by an average of 57%. About it writes “Kommersant”.

The publication reported that since October, the order of the Federal Antimonopoly Service (FAS) began to operate in the Russian Federation on the calculation of marginal tariffs for technical inspection. They are now set by the regional authorities. The new rules provide for constant updating of pricing: the authorities ask operators for information on expenses (wage fund, equipment repairs, and so on), calculating the figure for the next year.

If the data is sent by less than half of the companies operating on the market, officials index the tariff to inflation. At the same time, the prices for technical inspection cannot be lower than 913 rubles for cars, 321 rubles for motorcycles, 1560-1880 rubles for buses, 900-1960 rubles for trucks. The order of the FAS states that it is necessary to approve tariffs no later than December 20.

The publication analyzed the published documents for 45 regions. It shows that, on average, prices will increase by 57% for the most massive MOT category (passenger cars).

Tariffs for passenger cars will grow most significantly in the Orel (3 times), Omsk (2.4 times) regions, Khakassia (2 times), Sverdlovsk region. In these subjects, the price of maintenance from January 1 next year will be equal to 913 rubles. The most expensive maintenance tariff is planned to be set in St. Petersburg – 1540 rubles: the authorities announced their intention to index the old price of 881 rubles by 75.2%.

The FAS said that they are going to analyze the new tariffs in the regions after their final approval. They noted that after the entry into force of the new calculation methodology, they explained the essence of the document to the subjects of the federation.

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