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In the Russian Federation will launch an analogue of “Wikipedia”

The domestic analogue of Wikipedia, the Knowledge portal, is planned to be launched in the first quarter of 2023. This was stated by the Federal Minister of Digital Development Maksut Shadayev.

“Our main goal is to have our own portal <...>, more than 100 thousand articles have already been prepared in it. It is planned that the portal will be launched in early 2023. We recommend it for use instead of “Wikipedia”. We will ask that the Knowledge portal be a priority in search results,” noted Minister (quote from TASS).

In 2019, Russian President Vladimir Putin, at a meeting of the Russian Language Council, proposed replacing Wikipedia with the Great Russian New Encyclopedia in electronic form. This is how he reacted to the remarks of the council members that allegedly modern schoolchildren in most cases use unverified sources of information, such as Wikipedia and Internet search engines that are not able to guarantee the accuracy of the data.

In the same year, information appeared that in the next three years the government plans to allocate almost 1.7 billion budget rubles for the creation of the Russian analogue of Wikipedia. In 2020, about 685 million rubles were allocated, in 2021 – more than 830 million rubles, and in 2022 – 169 million rubles.

Wikipedia is a free-content multilingual universal Internet encyclopedia. The site is owned by the American non-profit organization Wikimedia Foundation, which has 37 regional offices.

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