In the Starozhilovsky edition, 33 people were prescribed a preferential “district” –

In the Starozhylovskaya edition, 33 people were prescribed a preferential “district”

From December 5 to 15, during the ten-day period of preferential subscription for the first half of 2023, more than fifty people applied to the editorial office of the Starozhilovsky Prostory regional newspaper for a subscription.

Twenty subscribers wished that postmen would bring the “district” and 33 readers subscribed to the editorial office in order to receive newspaper issues directly there.

And this, as practice shows, attracted readers.

So, in the editorial subscription for the second half of this year, Starozhilovsky Prostory received 22 readers of the district. Now, only for a preferential decade, they wrote out 11 copies more. The editorial subscription is issued by specialists of the district administration, employees of organizations working in the building where the editorial office is located, subscribed to the newspaper and neighbors of the editorial staff.

Anzhela Tyurina, Chief Specialist of the District Administration Archive Sector:

“I think this form of subscription to the district is convenient and practical. When during the last subscription campaign they offered to issue a receipt in our editorial office, I took this opportunity and signed now. The advantages are that the subscription is cheaper, and I get the newspaper in a timely manner directly to my workplace. Of course, thanks to the editors for this.

Tamara Sergunina, a resident of house number 3 on Denisova street, Starozhilovo district:

“When a neighbor offered to subscribe to the newspaper through the editorial office, I agreed. This is much cheaper than through the mail, and for me, a pensioner, this is important. Besides, I don’t have to go to the editor for it. I was guaranteed to deliver every number on time. I have been reading our “district”, one might say, since childhood. I always look forward to the next issue. I like her. Where else do you get regional news?

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