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Industrial and educational cluster will be created in Taganrog

In the Rostov region, a regional supervisory board has been created to implement the federal project “Professionality”, to which the Taganrog Metallurgical Plant has joined.

Recall that the goal of the project is the creation and development of regional educational and industrial clusters by industry. As for the supervisory board, it was created to ensure the interaction of the executive bodies of the region, local governments, educational organizations of SVE, and organizations operating in the real sector of the economy.

The Rostov region has been participating in the federal project “Professionality” since this year. The first cluster (railway transport) was created on the basis of the technical school of the Rostov State University of Communications with the support of Russian Railways.

  • Next year, two more educational and production centers will open in the region within the framework of Professionalism: the Metallurgy cluster and the construction cluster based on the Rostov-on-Don Construction College,” said Igor Guskov, First Deputy Governor of the Rostov Region. — Institutions are already carrying out preparatory work for the launch of the project in 2023. Design projects and infrastructure lists are being coordinated with the federal operator of the project, the Institute for the Development of Vocational Education.

Recall that the Metallurgy cluster will be developed on the basis of the Taganrog Technical School of Mechanical Engineering and Metallurgy “Tagmet”, which has its own production base on the territory of the Taganrog Metallurgical Plant. The cluster will also include the Volgodonsk College of Metalworking and Mechanical Engineering (VTMM) and the Taganrog Aviation College named after V.M. Petlyakova (TAVIAK).

The specialties “Metal forming”, “Metallurgy of ferrous metals”, “Technical operation and maintenance of electrical and electromechanical equipment”, “Technology of mechanical engineering”, “Installation, maintenance and repair of industrial equipment” will appear in the technical school “Tagmet”. VTMM and TAVIAK will launch the Engineering Technology program. Training in new specialties should begin in September 2023.


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