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Australian influencer Bree Lenehan has struggled with her hair since childhood. At the age of ten, she found Ikan because she was stronger. She realized that she shouldn’t have, so she stopped eating. Throughout puberty, she suffered from eating disorders. At the age of twenty, however, she realized how much she was hurting herself and began to gradually reduce her neck to herself.

The native of Queensland first gained attention with her comparison photos. She showed people how she lost twenty kilos and everyone admired her for it. Gradually, however, she began to realize that she couldn’t lose weight and wanted to find a healthy way to eat again. She started exercising and eating healthy. Ve shared on her Instagram and YouTube.

When I was ten years old, I went to a local disco, where everyone laughed at me for eating too much. I realized that the two were right and I started to walk away from the food. I spent my entire puberty with eating disorders and I didn’t see myself. Now I pray so that I can explain to my young j that I deserve to eat, the influencer wrote.

Since then, however, she has realized that everyone has a different body and no one has an obligation to look the way they do according to some standards. In such a way that food is energy and energy for everyone. Ninety-nine percent of people walk around with their lashes down, edit their photos and be careful of their feet in the photos. Society cannot accept the fact that people have scars, body fat, scars or stretch marks, Lenehan commented.

However, the Australian woman is aware of this and tries to teach her knowledge about the body to others. He regularly posted photos comparing Instagram and reality. Don’t be afraid to show how his figure looks before and after a meal, and take photos when he’s wearing dogs and when he’s not wearing them and showing people the differences. often, as an influencer marketer, she claims that she would put a lot of real pressure on the board.

@breelenehan The reality of wearing a tight bodycon dress (& being human)🤰🏻🤷🏻‍♀️💅 take the reminders you need from the comments 🌸 #relatable #bodycon #thisisnormal #bodyimage #bloating #bloated #girls #bellybump #bekindtoyourself #bekindtoyourmind #selfacceptance #bodyacceptance #bodyneutral #bodyneutrality ♬ original sound – Hannah Brown

In addition to Instagram and YouTube, Lenehan is also very active on TikTok, where in mid-December 2022 she recorded a viral video with six million views. In the video, she shows that she doesn’t always have a flat face and adjusts herself from all angles to show how she looks, both without and with them. Even people who look like they have a completely flat stomach actually don’t have it. pe influencer for the video.

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