Is this Britney? The neglected singer scared the guests in the restaurant, grabbed their child and did not want to let him go

Britney Spears she celebrated her 45th birthday at the beginning of December, but instead of thanking for the congratulations, she shared a photo of her sister, with whom she has long-standing problems. She didn’t even deserve an invitation to the wedding. Britney herself then commented that she didn’t even know some of the guests who came to her party.

There are also media reports that Britney doesn’t leave the house much. The last time she was supposed to go out was on her birthday to Nobu, a restaurant popular with celebrities and the rich, where she was supposed to cause a real scandal. Since then, he prefers to stay back.

“A rather peculiar-looking woman came to the table and without asking took my cousin’s baby in her arms. She immediately started talking to him and repeated the same thing over and over as if she had passed out, she didn’t want to let him go and she didn’t stop kissing him. She seemed really psycho, then we found out it was Britney Spears.” model Karina summed up the incident on TikTok, who eventually deleted her profile on the social network.

According to her, Britney looked quite strange and visibly unkempt, photos came out in which she is holding a stranger’s child in her arms, while her extended hair can be seen. Her make-up is, as usual, smeared. Later that day, the singer wrote on the network that she had the flu and was very sick, which made the child’s parents even more angry.

Britney grabbed a stranger’s child. She seemed unkempt.

Britney continues to scare fans. On Instagram, which she deactivated a few days ago, but restored after a while, she changed her nickname to “Channel 8”.

She does not stop sharing her nude photos on the networks, but fans have noticed that they are mostly well-edited, the wall behind Britney visibly bends against the laws of nature.

Apparently, Britney edits her photos. The wall behind her bends nicely.

Recently, the singer also leaned on a fast food employee.

“I wanted to have a milkshake and a double cheeseburger and then cry in the car, but no one noticed because my face continued to look normal. However, an employee of the fast food restaurant noticed me at the take-out window and told me that it would be fine. He doesn’t know me and I know him, so why is he telling me this? Fuck you, idiot, go to hell!” the singer told the employee on the networks.

But the employee didn’t like it and took to TikTok with his version of the story.

“I told my friend that Britney came to work with us today. She was very nice, I didn’t recognize her at first to tell the truth because she didn’t look much like you. She was wiping away tears as I handed her the bag with the order, so I told her everything would be fine again. She thanked and immediately put on her sunglasses. She seemed nervous,” he explained, not understanding what got her so fired up.

So fans have more reasons to speculate that Britney is still not quite well. The question is whether it ever will be.

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