It’s so snowy in the city that Muscovites themselves pull buses out of snowdrifts


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It’s so snowy in the city that Muscovites themselves pull buses out of snowdrifts

On the roads, despite all the efforts of public utilities, there are such drifts that people are forced to leave their cars and walk.

During the night in Moscow, a third of the monthly rainfall fell, the height of snowdrifts in some places reached 38 cm is a record in the history of meteorological observations.

“Moreover, according to statistics, there have never been such snowdrifts on this day in the entire meteorological history. The last time something like this was observed was only in 1989 (31 cm) and in 1993 (30 cm),” says Yevgeny Tishkovets, a leading specialist at the Phobos Center.

The fight against snow has grown into an urban flash mob: people take up shovels together and help public utilities dig sidewalks, and also push neighbors’ stuck cars.

The city authorities recommended that Muscovites switch from private cars to public transport. But some have gone further, such as brave a cyclist from Butovo, who either didn’t look out the window before the trip, or basically moves like this, regardless of the vagaries of the weather.

The snowfall also affected the work of Moscow airports. Dozens of flights detainedand some have been canceled altogether.

Most unlucky were the passengers who flew from Turkey to Moscow by the Turkish airline Pegasus. Due to snowfall, the plane landed in Helsinki. Passengers were not allowed out of the cabin for about ten hours, where they sat without water and food. And then the plane was sent back to Turkey.

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