Ivan Trojan’s grief: After the collapse of his marriage, he lost his beloved father (†90)!

The well-known actor Ivan Trojan (58) is experiencing a very difficult time. Recently, his wife Klára (51) left him, who allegedly already had to find a replacement for him. Now the star of the cult Somatár lost his beloved father Ladislav (†90). The man who became famous for his role as Potůček in the TV series Tři chlapi v chalupa died in his sleep, according to his sons Ivan and Ondřej. Just before his death, Ladislav Trojan believed that Ivan and Klára would eventually get back together. But he did not get his dream scenario.

Ladislav Trojan’s death was reported by his sons Ondřej a Ivan on Sunday morning on social media.

“This morning, our dear dad, actor Ladislav Trojan, died. He passed away in his sleep, in peace and quiet. He had a smile on his face until the last moment.” introduced Ondřej and Ivan Trojani.

His son’s separation from his wife broke his heart. He believed in a happy ending

Ladislav Trojan, who had a reputation as a brilliant actor, avoided health problems even in his old age.

According to the newspaper Blesk, however, he was greatly affected when he recently learned that his son Ivan no longer lives with his wife Klára, who has moved to a new apartment and is said to have a new boyfriend.

For a long time, Trojan Elder believed that this was just a misunderstanding, which the couple would soon resolve and return to each other. But when Klára’s daughter-in-law recently officially filed for divorce after 30 years of marriage, Ladislav Trojan realized that all hope was over.

The reconciliation of Klára and Ivan, which Ladislav Trojan dreamed of, unfortunately did not happen. On the contrary, just before his death, the media discussed how the Trojan couple had already divided their property.

Information surfaced that the well-known actor will have to pay the love of his life the sum of seven million crowns by December 2032 as a settlement share. Trojan will then have the family house in Košíře.

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