Jumper Hjek is missing even after two months. Manelka: I didn’t even think about leaving

Former pole vaulter Antonn Hjek (35) remains missing even after more than two months. Traces lead to Malaysia, where he was supposed to have traveled by plane. Because he didn’t contact his family, they reported him missing to the police. Hjko has not yet been seen or heard from. The police are investigating the crime, and are asking the public for information that could lead to the case. The editors of got in touch with Hjk’s ex-wife Veronika, who admitted that she did not even know that Antonn should travel to Malaysia in full.

It is a mystery which frost. Bval jumper on the lych Antonn Hjek has been moving around since Jan 2. The end of the year was slowly approaching, but the sun still did not come. According to the latest information, the tracks lead to Malaysia. About the fact that he should go there, neither you nor his ex-wife knows.

Veronika Hjkov’s ex-wife has not been in contact with Hjek since the beginning, when they broke up for reasons of love, and Antonn has been moving away from her since then. Unfortunately, Veronika herself did not have a single day of information, and as she admitted, she had no idea that perhaps Antonn was going to Malaysia.

I’m sorry, but I don’t have any information. We haven’t eaten together since forever, and I haven’t even left, I’m about to leave, Veronika Hjkov confirmed to Expresa.

Veronika married Antonna in 2019 and they spent five years together. They broke up this year in a hurry, the divorce was supposed to end not even a month later with Hjek moving around. The tracks then lead to the area of ​​the Malaysian island of Langkawi, where he was supposed to have left from the plane. But the house did not move.

After his lover and current girlfriend, Karoln Indrkov, because his marriage with Veronika finally ended and which he tormented, the police do not care, and according to the available information, she should be in Esk and devote herself to her career. However, the editors did not respond to questions.

Indrkov finished in 28th place at the Olympics in Beijing, for which she also owes Hjek, who coached her.


His disappearance should have been reported to the police by the athlete’s family, who did not respond for some time. Vdt didn’t give up on himself, that’s why he’s so tragic. No one knows what happened to him and where he is at the moment.

Hjek ended his career at the age of twenty-eight after unspecified problems with his life. He was sweating profusely. Police are asking the public for any information that will lead to his arrest.

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