Kai Metov worked as a train conductor, and Baskov – Sergei Zhukov: watching the series “Evgenich”

December 7 on the TV channel “Friday!” the long-awaited premiere of the second season of Evgenych took place – a comedy series about a virtuoso musician and producer from the 1990s, to the songs of which the whole country dances.

The third series of “Evgenich” is rich in interesting events: singing soldiers, Kai Metov in the form of a conductor and the hockey player Ovechkin sleeping on the couch, but the audience especially remembered the unexpected appearance of Nikolai Baskov in the guise of … a double of Evgenich (Sergey Zhukov).

Nikolay Baskov

The new role of the “golden voice of Russia” does not at all correspond to his elegant style: a stretched green sweater with the inscription “Team boys”, blue “sports” and a disheveled wig, which, among other things, flies off his head at the end of the performance right in front of the jury. How did this scam of the year end – you will find out in the third series.

Singer-songwriter and singer Kai Metov took part in the third series, he appeared before the fans in the form of a long-distance train conductor.

Photos from filming

Evgenich is a musical genius from the 90s, supplying the whole country with real hits, according to the plot, he writes a song for Kai Metov. Instead of instruments – a spoon in a glass and the sound of wheels, and a loudspeaker as a microphone: this is how another masterpiece was born. What Kai Metov sang in the end – see the third episode of the second season. Video from the filming of this episode on our youtube.

And also Sergey Zhukov will remember the legendary hit “My Baby”, this song will be performed on a long-distance train at the request of demobilized soldiers. It turns out that the famous hit has a sequel – an unreleased, third verse that no one has heard so far. How it was – see the third episode of the second season.

Ovechkin and Zhukov, Evgenich

The series “Evgenich” is broadcast on the TV channel “Friday!” from December 9, 2021. The author of the project is the soloist of the group “Hands Up!”, composer and producer Sergey Zhukov.

“We are happy that Evgenych is returning to the big screens! Many adventures are waiting for you, because we tried to come up with more interesting and unusual moves for you,” Sergey Zhukov shared.

Watch the new episodes of the second season of Evgenych every Wednesday at 21:00 on the Friday! TV channel.

Photo: TV channel “Friday!”

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