Kajumi and Borhyov in the role of internal members: Are they like Forejt or a new musical star?

Adam Kayumi and Natalia Grossov he knows how to calculate, he makes his long-term fans tense with how they are with each other, they hug each other in photos, but he always insists that they are just friends. Speculations about whether they officially confirmed their love at the end of the year were supported by a new video clip in which Adam also sang. Jene obviously didn’t put everyone at ease.

Hell exists. Was that text written by some random rm generator? ask fans in the comments under the video for the Snowflakes song.

Pr appeared in one video clip about four years ago. That time, the reviews were different, not when they had a second marriage. Adam was praised even by those who had not met him yet. The king of marketing jumped into it and saw what works for listeners.

I don’t really like Adam, but this book was really good, wrote one of the fans under the video, they took notes and gave listeners.

But Adam Kajumi is not the only non-singer who has decided to take a break from the hit pard. On the first Sunday of Advent, Lucie Borhyov also played her wedding song. It’s called Splenny pn, and the voice of the mother of Lucas and Linduka, the daughter of Lucas and Linduka, is heard outside, reciting: Sing, mom, you’re an angel in a skirt.

Tefan Margita himself praised Lucka for the song, to whom she reminded Hanka Zagorová in some hundred murders. However, for the time being, Lucie is not involved in any other musical ventures, she will most likely stay with one single.

Lucie Borhyov has her new dog.

Kitchens would not praise her very much, in the clip, even the hands and rings bend the dough with the utmost care.

We all know that you are the fifth moderator, but this is a very nice development, they wrote alone.

Others, however, had a slightly colder view of the entire furnace. eve, keep your hoof. This is like Forejt, they added that a certain cook works on other people’s craft, and he doesn’t always succeed.

And what do you think? Will the new year’s songs get between your chairs, or are they already listening from hell?

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