Kazma horse on the social streets. He has already made enough money, but he also hinted at a possible comeback

For several years, Kamil Bartoek alias Kazma was one of the most prominent figures of the Czech Internet. His often lonely and surprisingly long One Man Show was watched by the whole republic. However, the commotion around him started to decrease over time and he has not been seen recently.

Te Kazma announced on social media that he I leave social media. Thanks, I know who you were following me. I’ve made enough money so I don’t have to cut it, wrote Kazma in pspvk on Instagram. Then he also posted tweets on Facebook and Twitter. Im done. Ill be back when the time is right, stand on the photo you posted. Tm kind of hinted that his departure might not be final and that he would move on. So do his fans. I’m curious about the result, it’s getting dark said one of the fans and let’s say that Kazma is preparing something. Fans speculate, for example, about some content related to the World Cup.

It’s been rather quiet on Kazma’s social media lately. My Instagram profile is private, on Facebook he shared the main foundation that helped give a benefit concert for the ALSA organization, which helps patients with ALS. In addition, he graduated in merch.

In recent months, he was also talked about in connection with the influencer Maru Rosecká, with whom he was supposed to start a romantic relationship. He also appeared at the Clash of the Stars press conference and gala. The co-owner of the organization, Tom Linh Le Sy, repeatedly mentioned that he would first see Kazma once in a cage at a galaveer. The official bag was never confirmed.

Whether the Kazma well or not is not yet clear. However, fans did not know that their favorite creator would disappear from the Internet forever.

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