Kincl told me, Vmola said about the police raid. It’s bullshit, the Octagon champion responded

About the police raid on the house Karlos Vmola as the website first reported PrahaIN.czwho had several different testimonies available from around Mchenice, where the survivor goes with his family.

Server with reference to his sources, he stated that the police in Vmoland investigated suspicions that Vmola and a group of other persons did not participate in the organizational attack and legalization of the first parties. The raid at Vmola was not the only one. They also poured a pavé elva, hard resource in the mentioned portal.

Vmola, who only a few days ago was moving from the Motolsk hospital, does not go to those who are not hospitalized.

I can invite you to visit me in the evenings, that means I’ll go to them, it’s allowed and so on. I pedaled in there were no charges against me or criminal charges. They were there to shoot my peppers to the crocodiles, to the lions, eccl Flash She said she was forbidden by the police to talk about the incident.

Karlos and Lela at the bar

Vmola accused Kincl. He responds: Jet vt k** Oh, I didn’t think so

However, Vmola was not allowed to comment on the case for a long time. Now the public has taken off with a lazy start at first glance. According to Karlos, the police searched his house because of the smoke he was drinking from his rival Patrik Kincel.

First with Kincle, Vmola was supposed to fight for the middleweight title on December 30, but due to Terminator’s injury, the match was cancelled. Karlos is of the opinion that it was a misguided defensive tactic on the part of the current champion.

I had a stock of some kind that I breed exotic animals, namely tiger fleas. This day was completely led by friend Patrik Kincel, and it just shows how scared the side was before that fight, because they timed it so well that it happened before that fight. ekl pro for Prime TV Wmola.

Unfortunately, at that moment, the poor people didn’t know that I’m going to get sick and I’m going to be in the hospital, so the action here will be of no use to them, added the survivor, who took the police to investigate yesterday’s breeding certificates.

MMA fighter Patrik Kincl, who got into this case like a blind man, immediately laughed at Vmol and his words.

It’s jet vt co**t, no I thought. I think that Karel Vmola should wake up from his dream, recover, I did not send 100% day by day, he told Kincl TV, which some fans on social media advise him to fight against the flow from Karlos Vmola in the first way.

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