Kind of separation Koleko: Vignerov went to her mother in Moravia, what will happen to their house?

Model Aneta Vignerov He then breathed a sigh of relief from his son’s mother, who is like a dog with the first one. Opt Peter Kolek she saw that he only wanted her and his family, but his promises did not last him a month. He was photographed again by the side of the red-haired actress Denisa Nesvailov and the former miss had to run away to Moravia to her mother before the harsh reality.

There she knocked out two, not what she expected. In Prague, it probably fell on her, especially when she went to the house where she and Peter planned their future and which she reconstructed in her own image so that everyone felt at home there.

She packed her suitcase, packed up her children and went to Hodonna to her mother, who was her greatest support even during the first separation, when Peter’s anger burst and the idea of ​​a future together collapsed.

I won’t be sad or upset, we’re going long. I’m not going to make myself poor. If you do something similar, well done, The last time she talked about the collapse of the relationship was on Vignerov’s Instagram.

Aneta Vignerov is clear. Petr Koleko betrayed her.

Aneta’s mother is a great cook.

On the other hand, Koleko pretended that nothing had happened. Even though, according to Aneta, he soon promised the family a new future and the sale of their house, so that they could start a new life without the burden of the past, so that Nesvailov would not fall for them.

It almost even happened at weddings, when the con man was pouring ashes on his head. Even so, Jene longed for the presence of serial actresses and thus threw away what he had in common with Aneta.

Dm pat only Petr Kolek.

What will happen to the property in Nymburk, where will the model and her son come from? It is not clear if Koleko will sell him anyway (it is written only on him, editor’s note)or keep it as a bunch of love for him and Denisa.

It would be highly unlikely that the lover would want to stay so far from Prague and go to the house that she had secured for herself in love.

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