Koendov for 70 thousand, Agta for 45: What about the VIP price for Makarenko and doten dmy?

When we confronted the list of stars with Tanou Makarenko, of course she wondered where we drank to him. But surprisingly quickly, she put on a relaxed and gentle tone, pretending that nothing was wrong. Other agencies also have similar lists, and there is nothing wrong with them, because the clients want a comparison and an overview.

The fact that Sra Sandeva is also on it is due to my assistant Radka, who is adept at influencer marketing, and I had no problem with that when he sent out an offer from an email with my house. Sra is Radka’s friend, and they have an agreement. I don’t see a problem with that ekla Expres editor Miss Czech Republic.

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Dotte line and to the end

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