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Legal assistance and social gasification: new laws adopted on the Don

Legal assistance to the families of the mobilized and social gasification for war veterans: the Don deputies of United Russia ensured the adoption of new laws.

At the 49th meeting of the Legislative Assembly of the Rostov Region on December 15, new decisions were adopted that expand support measures for the mobilized, as well as increase the availability of gasification of housing.

Now participants in a special military operation, as well as members of their families, can receive free legal assistance (provided for by the relevant regional law). We are talking about mobilized people, people who entered military service under a contract, and citizens who joined volunteer formations.

“From the first days of partial mobilization, a “hot line” has been operating in the public reception rooms of the United Russia party in the Rostov region to support the families of NWO participants. 15 percent of appeals are related to legal issues. It is clear that today we provide all legal assistance, but this is all done in addition to the state system of free legal assistance. Now the relevant guarantees are enshrined in the regional law,” commented Alexander Ishchenko, chairman of the Legislative Assembly of the Rostov region, secretary of the regional branch of United Russia.

The initiative to adopt the law was taken by the governor of the Rostov region, a member of the Supreme Council of United Russia, Vasily Golubev, in turn, the party faction in the Don parliament provided support and adoption of the bill. Earlier, with the support of the deputies of the faction in the Don parliament, the families of the mobilized were exempted from transport tax for two years.

Another decision made it possible to significantly expand the possibilities for compensating the costs of gasification of households for certain categories of citizens. The amount of compensation has doubled. The list of persons who can apply for this benefit has also been expanded. Support for the bill was also provided by the United Russia faction in the Legislative Assembly.

Back in 2021, at the suggestion of United Russia, which was supported by Russian President Vladimir Putin, a decision was made to bring the gas pipeline to the borders of the land plot free of charge. The direct connection of gas to the house is made by residents at their own expense. And to support socially unprotected categories of citizens at the regional level, a law was adopted that provides for compensation for paying gasification costs.

“Last year, we adopted amendments to the current regional law, which increase the maximum amount of compensation for connecting gas and installing gas equipment in a house from 20 to 50 thousand rubles. This privilege is used by the poor, elderly citizens, veterans, etc. But during this time, both the connection price and the cost of equipment have increased. Therefore, the new law increases the maximum amount of monetary compensation – up to 100 thousand rubles. And now all the costs incurred will be compensated, and not 50 percent, as it was before,” said Alexander Ishchenko.

At the same time, the list of categories of citizens who can receive this increased compensation is expanding. Now these are also combat invalids, combat veterans and widows of the fallen (deceased) combat invalids and combat veterans. This category also includes families or citizens living alone, whose average per capita income does not exceed one and a half of the subsistence minimum in the Rostov region as a whole.

These amendments will make it possible to cover as much as possible all socially unprotected categories of citizens who have expressed their intention to gasify their housing, and support those who are now performing military duty in the zone of a special military operation, the parliamentarians are convinced.

Let us add that the deputies of the Don Legislative Assembly and United Russia volunteers advise the families of military personnel on various topics, hold receptions, and provide assistance in everyday matters.

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