Leonid Agutin: for the sake of this guy I recorded “The Last Track”

Leonid Agutin supported his pupil from the Voice show, Sasha Lee and his musical group 3333.

Singer and composer Leonid Agutin spoke about the premiere of the song “The Last Track”, which he proposed to write down co-young singer Sasha Lee.

Sasha Lee

“Usually I don’t sing songs that aren’t my own, but for the sake of this guy I agreed and it turned out, in my opinion, very well! When I heard his timbre on “Voice”, I immediately turned around, it was interesting for me to work with him. Sasha’s career is just beginning now, and I felt that I should support him, ” told “Russian TV Week” Leonid Agutin, presenting the song “The Last Track”.

Frame from the clip “The Last Track”

photo: Maxim Nikitin

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