Leonid Yakubovich and Lev Leshchenko fought off the yellow press, dispelling rumors about illegitimate children

Matrams at a respectable age are constantly credited with either mistresses or children.

So, Lev Leshchenko complained that, according to the press, he had many different women in his “wives and mistresses”, therefore he has a lot of fictional heirs. So recently, a story about his supposedly illegitimate daughter suddenly appeared. Leshchenko himself knows nothing about the next heiress, and prefers to avoid gossip about himself.

Lev Valeryanovich also told how a German blogger spread a rumor that at one of his concerts Leshchenko had a fight with Vyacheslav Dobrynin. “This is absurd,” the artist complains.

Lev Leshchenko with his wife surrounded by loved ones, 65th anniversary, photo site of Lev Leshchenko

Despite all the statements of the press and ill-wishers, Lev Leshchenko, 45, lives in a happy marriage with his wife Irina. The star couple does not have children, but this does not prevent them from loving each other and enjoying family happiness.

Leading popular shows for many Russians have become something like family members. The same can be said about Leonid Arkadyevich, who has been leading the “Field of Miracles” for more than 30 years in a row, replacing Vlad Listyev.

Leonid Yakubovich

The audience is also closely following the personal life of the 77-year-old artist. So, there were rumors about Yakubovich’s romance with a young assistant, Rimma Agafoshina. The media claimed that she allegedly destroyed the TV presenter’s marriage, and even gave birth to his daughter. The showman reacted to these speculations, and resolutely denied them. Leonid Arkadyevich noticed that he did not have any illegitimate children, just as there were no betrayals of his wife. Rimma herself, who opens the correct letters in the show, has a wonderful family: a husband and three children.

Now Yakubovich is married for the third time, twice became a father. With his last wife, Marina Vido, he has been together for 24 years. Leonid Arkadyevich calls his wife a real gift from heaven. And their daughter Barbara tries himself as a travel blogger and stylist.

Varvara Yakubovich, social media photo

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