Luxury sun billion Cold: He took the tree in a Ferrari! How will Christmas be?

He was going to spend the night at home with his friends, he had a very large family. The very popular billionaire Richard Chlad made his first appearance in Tenerife, where he has been for almost a hundred years. And on the island as Santa, who, instead of driving in a luxurious Ferrari, caused a big bang! I took the sequins out of the car for about a quarter of an hour, Chlad describes the event with the tree, which his friends from Slovakia invited him to.

Richard Chlad entertained his fans on Instagram with videos and photos of him carrying a tree in a luxury car. He then explained to the express that it was a kind of pre-announcement for a lover of seductive cars.

The whole event was created at the instigation of my friends from Slovakia, who have a car club 300 km/h+, they are a bunch of such good guys. They sent me a video of a Ferrari SP2 with a friend driving a tree on it. They wrote to me: What are you doing, Richard? And of course he wasn’t lazy. With a friend who runs the Inferno Bar in Tenerife, we went to the local hobby market and bought a decorated tree. I then took the sequins out of the car for about a quarter of an hour! Chlad described to him amused.

To do this, friends also asked to go to Tenerife, for example Vlasta Hjek, who runs a real estate office there.

When I told Vlast, he immediately left his work and, like a good friend, joined in on such nonsense. People looked at us like we were crazy, we drove past a luxury shopping center in Adeje. The driver and representative of the Czech Republic in rally cross Honza ern also joined them. The Vichni clapped and gave thumbs up. Tenerife is not used to such recessionist nonsense, explains the owner of an extensive collection of luxury cars and some seductress.

Richard Chlad with his fiancee on the beach in Tenerife

He was not going to spend the night in the tropics. In mid-December, Richard Chlad got on a plane with his beautiful fiancee Anna and they were excited to spend the holidays with their families.

The return was rough for me, because it was about fifteen degrees in the barge, but the heater had been running full blast since the day before. Hopefully we can avoid it somehow! I’m not even commenting on the snow coat, but it’s nice. At night, for the sake of Anna’s children, families, and relatives, we will remain silent. Same as New Year’s Eve, we don’t even have a day full for that, described.

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