Lyubov Uspenskaya and Elena Sever: “Russia, I believe in your strength” – a song that you sing with your heart

Lyubov Uspenskaya received her first Golden Gramophone as a legend of Russian music. Together with Elena Sever, the singer sang a song that Ilya Reznik once wrote after hearing her personal story.

The song “Russia”, indeed, appeared a long time ago, but, as it is recognized, Lyubov Uspenskaya was not rotated on radio stations, but now it sounds not only relevant – it gives goosebumps.

“These are the songs that should sound now. And they should be sung by patriots – artists who truly believe in their country. I am very grateful to Elena Sever for our duet, ”said the singer, receiving the Russian Radio award for services to Russian music on stage.

“Lyuba deserved this award with her creativity, devotion to the viewer. And I want to say that I see how this song is perceived there – when I am in Donetsk, Luhansk, I see the reaction of our guys, it is worth a lot, ”said Elena Sever.

Many years ago, Uspenskaya dreamed of returning to her homeland from the United States, where she lived, having left there from the Soviet Union. Then she told Ilya Reznik about her experiences – this is how this song, “Russia”, was born.

“I wanted to come to a free, strong, happy Russia – and this happened,” Lyubov Uspenskaya confessed.

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