Maybe Olga Menzelov is made of rubber:: This is how (not only) Menzelov lives in Egypt!

If Olga pkov (53) or Hanka Kynychov (54) ever needed a suitable jump for themselves, Olga Menzelov (44) would certainly be a suitable candidate. Looking at his flexible body and the number of exercises he does since the game, there is no doubt that such a kid would master the left rear.

I haven’t sent you an exercise day in a long time. It’s Christmas, so it’s time. I love this exercise. Stand with your feet against a tree, ze, sk and docupitat to a height of 90 degrees and climb out! And don’t forget to breathe! Council from Egypt Olga Menzelovwho looks like a perfect figure.

As you can see, she doesn’t get here for free either, and in order to be in shape, she has to do something, preferably regularly. Horrible actions in this case can interfere with the individual’s ability to function and prevent all movement of the activity in the future.

With this exercise, you sing the whole body. Mainly feet, shoulders, back, buttocks, thighs. It looks like crap, but it takes quite a bit of time, at least for me, smiled the producer, who knows how to make fun of herself even in practice.

This exercise is called kuliliom, after Mireek Brta. It just doesn’t always work out, she commented on one of the special exercises she accompanied a very talkative photographer.

Olga Menzelov didn’t even go on vacation. In the video, perform a labor exercise called Panda in Egypt.

The author of the name of that exercise, former Czech Egyptologist Miroslav Brta, commented on this later.

Panda in Egypt, wrote a very amused monkey Menzelov to the changed image.

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