Monika Trvnkov went from room to room, but avoided Svcenmu. For?

What is going on between Monika Trvnková (37) and Jaroslav Svcen (62)? If they were still under a working bond, they were careful not to be photographed together at the Broadway Theatre. Pitom, the moderator of the evening, went from room to room and did not bother him by the side of the others. Would you be careful not to have a connection with the violinist?

Sympathetic moderator Monika Trvnkov she was in her prime. She co-organized a vnon concert, where he performed not only Tefan Margita, Leona Machlkov and Peter Kotvaldbut then he played his violin Jaroslav Svcen. The actor’s wife gave him a manaerka. But it’s as if their relations have cooled a bit.

It wouldn’t be a problem for her to take a picture with any member of the event that supports the star foundation, around the violinist, as if she were walking on stilts.

It wasn’t that she avoided him, that wouldn’t be possible even in the small space of the Broadway Theater, but she quickly tried not to let the photographers take pictures of them together, didn’t put them together, and didn’t linger on speculation that they had something to do with each other.

I am his manager, my husband and I are fine and happy, Monika let herself be heard.

Monika Trvnkov took a photo with Petr Kotvald.

Monika Trvnkov went from room to room.

However, if the prince did not accompany her to the concert, it would be a big evening for her, not only as organized by the page, but as moderate. Jene Manel was looking for their son Max, on the other hand, he also needs to disconnect from himself for a while.

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