More than 50 children from Aleksandro-Nevsky district watched the ice show

More than 50 children from the Alexander Nevsky district watched the Scarlet Flower ice show

On December 15, a large group of children from the Aleksandro-Nevsky District attended a charity ice show in Ryazan. The children watched Tatyana Navka’s musical “The Scarlet Flower” starring Olympic champions.

The trip to the Ice Palace was part of the “New Year to Every Home” campaign for children of mobilized military personnel, children from low-income families with many children and children in difficult life situations.

Evgenia Obedkova, teacher at the Alexander Nevsky School:

“We brought 50 people from our area to the show. These are children of primary and secondary school age. The children were accompanied by their parents. We were given two school buses and a Gazelle minibus. The children watched with delight an hour and a half performance performed by professional figure skaters. We returned home tired but happy.

Evgenia, mother of three children:

“Sons, Daniyar and Damir, saw the ice show for the first time. Impressions, of course, the best! The performance gave a real New Year’s mood. Thanks to the government of the Ryazan region for the opportunity to enjoy the spectacle of a high professional and artistic level. And also thanks to the district education department for the good organization of the trip and sweet gifts for the children.”

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