More than a hundred students will transport new school buses in Spasskoye

More than a hundred students will transport new school buses in the Spassky district

On December 19, 52 schools received new cars at the expense of the federal budget. Two of them are located in the Spassky district. A GAZ bus with a capacity of 16 people was handed over to the Kiritskaya school, and a PAZ bus, designed for 22 seats, was handed over to the Starokistrusskaya school. The keys were handed over to the drivers by the vice-governor of the Ryazan region Artem Branov. The vehicles meet all the requirements of GOST, are equipped with GLONASS systems and tachographs.

Sergey Grishkov, deputy of the regional Duma:

“The safety of schoolchildren is the first thing that parents, educators and teachers think about and worry about. And daily trips to the place of study by transport is another additional cause for concern. Now the relatives of the students of the Starokistrusskaya and Kiritskaya schools and teachers can be sure that the children will be delivered on time and, most importantly, safely to lessons on new comfortable buses.”

Sixty children from five settlements will be transported by new buses at the Starokistrusskaya school. In Kiritskaya there are about fifty students from the village of Zasechye, the village of Malyye Gulynki and the village of Pavlovka.

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