Moscow tax closed the last company Pugacheva in Russia

She was asked to close by Pugacheva herself.

The ABP company is the last business project that connected the singer with Russia. Since 2010, the company has been organizing concerts (which is no longer possible under the current conditions) and has been selling Alla Borisovna’s personal brand items.

In October, bankruptcy proceedings began – then Pugacheva filed a corresponding application. Moscow tax now checked everything and closed the company, writes Mash.

Industry players say the company has barely made a profit. From 2019 to 2021, revenue decreased by 23 times and amounted to only 3 million rubles, wrote “Kommersant”. But many concert organizers had similar problems.

Yevgeny Safronov, editor-in-chief of the InterMedia news agency, believes that with a change in the business climate, Pugacheva can restore the company. “This is such a pocket company that organized the performances of the singer herself and the artists associated with her. It is difficult to see how this agency could be kept under current conditions. All of this requires constant, rather serious verification, control, and development of business mechanisms. Therefore, it is quite natural to close such companies. But maybe the time will come, someone will return to Russia and it will be necessary to rebuild the business. Accordingly, the agency will be reopened, there are no problems,” he explains.

Alla Pugacheva herself now lives in Israel and, apparently, is not going to return yet.

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