Most Muscovites are not ready to give gifts worth more than 2,000 rubles

At the same time, 98% of the city’s residents will give New Year’s gifts.

Analysts from the Boxberry delivery service have studied whether the New Year habits of Muscovites have changed this year. It turned out that, despite the entire economic and political situation, most residents do not plan to change traditions in any way. Thus, 98% of Muscovites reported that they plan to give gifts to relatives and friends, and 51% specified that they would spend about the same amount on this as last year.

Congratulating friends this year will be 62% of respondents, which also roughly corresponds to last year’s statistics. But the number of city residents who are going to give gifts to colleagues has decreased three times – from 27% to 9%.

As for the cost of gifts, this year only 32% of Muscovites are ready to buy gifts whose price is more than 2,000 rubles. At the same time, 26% are ready to spend up to 1,000 rubles on one gift, 24% – up to 2,000, 19% – up to 5,000 rubles, 17% – up to 500 rubles, and 14% will arrange at least one surprise worth more than 5,000 rubles.

The most popular gifts for family members this year were sweets – 48% of respondents will give them. 43% are preparing to buy toys and souvenirs, 36% – perfumes, cosmetics and accessories, and 29% – electronics. Following in popularity are clothes and shoes (27%), books and kits for creativity (27%), money (26%), gift certificates (23%), household appliances (20%) and handmade gifts (13% ).


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