“Mother-in-law, my affectionate, mother-in-law, my caring …”: were our artists lucky with their mothers-in-law?

How many jokes about mother-in-law among the people, and do not count. It is generally accepted that their sons-in-law do not like, do not tolerate, avoid them in every possible way.

Ivan Okhlobystin scared with tattoos

As Valentina Arbuzova admits, her future son-in-law Ivan Okhlobystin scared me when we met:

– I open the door, Ivan is on his knees on the landing. Sandals on bare feet. There are three daisies in the teeth, small ones – they are also called “pharmacy”. She says: “Valentina Stepanovna, I’m naked like a falcon, I don’t have anything. But there are a lot of tattoos!” And takes off his shirt. My husband and I were shocked – is he really going to be our son-in-law?

Ivan Okhlobystin’s wife Oksana with her mother

Of course, at first, Oksana Arbuzova’s mother was against this marriage: is this “tattooed” Okhlobystin a serious person? But, having observed from the side how her daughter looks at Ivan, how much love is in her eyes, she decided not to interfere with the young … They played a wedding, the children went.

– True, when Oksana said that she was pregnant with her third child, I was outraged, – recalls Valentina Stepanovna. – Only I worked in the family, there were no assistants, there was no special money either. I came to their house and began to scold Okhlobystin, and he only raised his hands up and said: “It’s not me, it’s all your daughter!” And then I was no longer surprised.

Today, there is the warmest relationship between mother-in-law and son-in-law. Ivan gives Valentina Stepanovna various gifts (for example, fur coats), and she pampers Okhlobystin with his favorite dishes (something meat, pilaf, for example).

Ivan Okhlobystin, photo

And for the next anniversary of Okhlobystin, Oksana’s parents composed a whole tale about their family in the old Russian way. “… Once, in a tavern, Ivanushka the hooligan met his dove, the light-Oksanushka. He took her by the white hands and brought her to a rented apartment … Before the stunned parents had time to say a word, they became father-in-law and mother-in-law. The hooligan took it not by siege, but by attack. And they played a wide, cheerful wedding. What did the bosom-friend, Mishenka light-Efremov, contribute to … Children open their beaks, ask to eat. Clothes are required for the body. Seniors need to pay for teaching. But there is not enough money … And our father decided to return to a secular, cruel life, not to exist at the expense of others for a century! .. Our hooligan began to earn money with his face. And he followed in the footsteps of his father, becoming a television doctor. Only he does not heal people, but torments young youths – interns … “

Trofim came to woo the mother of the bride

The acquaintance of the singer and composer Sergei Trofimov with his future mother-in-law began with a prank.

Sergey Trofimov with his wife and mother-in-law, photo Trofim’s personal archive

– The fact is that shortly before that, I broke up with my husband, – says Zoya Nikolaevna. – And now Nastya says to me: “Cook borscht, tonight I will bring one man to you to marry – a colonel. Maybe he will become your gentleman. Well, I worry, I clean houses all day, I cook, I put myself in order. At the appointed hour, the doorbell rings, I open it – on the threshold next to my daughter is a young man in a cap: “Hello. My name is Sergey”. I say: “You are too young for me.” And he: “Then can I take care of your daughter?” That’s how they played a joke on me. I remember Seryozha then gave me a bottle of expensive French cognac. I really liked the future son-in-law – calm, delicate, educated. And when I found out that he is the same Trofim (I heard about him, but never saw him), I realized: this is not accidental. I have always dreamed that my son Vanya would become a writer. It didn’t work out. And here is the son-in-law – and a poet, and a musician, and a performer all rolled into one!

Sergey Trofimov with his family

After meeting Sergei, Nastya became more interested in literature, began to read history books. And it was Seryozha who influenced her in this. We also have our own family traditions. For example, we always celebrate the birthdays of Serezha and their children Vanya and Lizonka together. And we prefer to rest separately. I – every summer at Sergei’s dacha in the Nizhny Novgorod region. Well, they go to different countries. By the time my son-in-law comes, I always try to cook some of his favorite dishes: either jelly, or squash or eggplant caviar, or beef pate. The earring takes care of my health. Always donates money for medicine. When I had a heart attack, he and my son chipped in to pay for the operation.

Tarzan confused by profession

The mother of the singer Natasha Koroleva was initially shocked by the profession of the future son-in-law Sergei Glushko (Tarzan).

Social network photo

– I remember the first time I saw Sergei at Natasha’s office, – says Lyudmila Ivanovna. – Natasha, introducing us to each other, pronounced his name in such a way that I immediately understood that this was not an ordinary acquaintance. I looked and saw a handsome, tall guy. Of course, as a man, I liked him. But … At that time, Natasha was not yet divorced from Igor Nikolaev, although they no longer lived together. So I thought: “Is it decent: still a married woman, but she is dating someone else ?!” Understand, we are a different generation, different traditions. I, our grandparents, all had one marriage. And when I found out that Sergey was a stripper … Of course, I reacted to this, to put it mildly, negatively. Well, what kind of profession is this, especially for a man? At one time, we were embarrassed even to have sex in the light, and here he appears in front of everyone in the nude! I was sure that all this was not serious with them. And then, when she arrived from Miami, where she had lived in recent years, she found out that Natasha was still with Sergey. I saw how my daughter, who was depressed after breaking up with Igor, came to life again. I decided: the main thing is that Natasha be happy! In addition, Serezha went to study at GITIS, decided to master the acting profession. I liked it very much.

Sergey Glushko

I then wanted to still go to his performance at the club. I realized that this is not just a striptease, this is a real performance! My relationship with my son-in-law has changed. Today, I believe, I have three sons-in-law: Seryozha, Natasha’s ex-husband Igor Nikolaev and Kostya – the husband of my eldest daughter. And I have a good relationship with everyone. Igor, when he comes to Miami, always comes to me, shows me new songs, consults. And Kostya, also a composer, is the first to let me listen to his music. And Serezha’s mother, who is from Belarus, taught me how to make my son’s favorite dishes – borscht and okroshka.

Vladimir Presnyakov gave a lilac

The mother of the singer Natalia Podolskaya, even before meeting her future son-in-law, Vladimir Presnyakov, read a lot about him – both good and bad.

Natalya Podolskaya with her mother

– And suddenly Natasha calls: “Mom, I want to introduce you to my young man. This is Volodya Presnyakov! — says Nina Antonovna. – I got excited, came to Moscow, and we all went to a restaurant together. There I realized: everything that they write bad things about him in the press is not true! Volodya is a good-natured and positive person. He’s also very romantic. It so happened that for six years my husband and I lived in Naryan-Mar. There I really missed Belarus, especially the early spring, the flowers. And so my husband once brought a bouquet of lilacs from a business trip. I was so glad that since then he tried to give me these flowers every spring.

Vladimir Presnyakov with his son Artemy, photo by Leonid Alekseev

Once I came to visit children in Moscow. We walked together, came home late. And suddenly Volodya was going somewhere. Comes in a couple of hours. I don’t ask where I was, this is their business, family. I go into my room, and there on my bed is a gorgeous bouquet of lilacs … Volodya loves to make gifts: jewelry, trips. I also try to keep up. For example, she was with her eldest daughter in Shanghai and specially for Volodya brought a teapot of the author’s work from there. My son-in-law really liked my gift.

Denis Klyaver speaks with jokes

The future mother-in-law of Denis Klyaver was afraid of meeting a popular musician.

Lidia Merkurievna with her husband

– I knew that Irina was dating one of the soloists of Tea for Two, and I didn’t really like it, – says Lydia Merkurievna. – I always thought the artists were so pompous, pretentious. But Denis turned out to be a very easy-to-communicate person. When we first met, I felt as if we had known each other for a very long time. And the marriage went very well. Denis invited my husband and I to a restaurant, and there he officially asked for the hand of our daughter. And Irina pulled out an icon from her purse – they say, bless us. It was so touching that I even cried.

Denis Klyaver with his parents

Denis often gives gifts: trips abroad, brings me perfume from all his trips. I also try to please him. I always cook chicken for his arrival, he loves it very much. I also take out jars with pickled mushrooms and cucumbers of my own preparation from stocks. The son-in-law often calls just like that: “Lidochka, how are you?! Everything is fine? Listen, a new anecdote … “

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