Muradov is said to have strummed a cat from Love Island. Her boyfriend broke up with her immediately because of it

The silver winners of the Love Island 2022 reality show announce their split. After returning from the island intoxication to reality, they discovered that they were not meant for each other. Meanwhile, Zbyněk and Sabina were among the audience’s favorite couples and fans wished them love. But she’s the one over there. Zbyněk started looking for housing, but according to the original plan he was supposed to move in with Sabina.

Sabina met someone better, at least that’s what Zbyněk thinks, according to whom Sabina met Makhmud Muradov himself, an MMA wrestler, at a sports event.

“We were together at the Oktagon in Ostrava, we came back and Sabina started writing with Muradov in the evening. The very next day, he asked her out on a date and gave her his phone number. Sabina told me that it was nothing, that it was just a joke,” he revealed greatly worried Zbyněk. He immediately left her and let her go to the water.

“She told me she was going to see her family at the cottage. Muradov started posting on Instagram that he was in the Alps, and the day after Sabina shared photos from the hotel breakfast. Those photos were sent to me by an unnamed person. They are probably together in the Alps at the moment.” added Zbyněk.

But Sabina responded by saying that at that time Sabina and Zbyňek were no longer a couple, and Zbyněk could not have known what she was doing or if she had met someone. According to her, she is just imagining things. Speculation that she fell in love with Murad also responded.

Sabina Karásková is a bone.

“I didn’t even know that person, that’s stupid. Zbyněk knows that he did something stupid, that he got into my phone. I think he realized how inflated he was and is trying to blame me for getting carried away and falling in love. But that is not true. We wrote to each other completely non-bindingly, as Zbyněk writes to his fans,” added Sabina.

But she confirmed that she was indeed at the Octagon.

“We were at the Octagon, where I took a picture with one wrestler,” Sabina is clear about the fact that the wrestler only politely asked her if she and Zbyňek made it home safely.

One photo and so many questions…

“I don’t think I’m forbidden to talk to someone, we wrote to each other quite normally. Zbyněk recorded all those messages, so I can’t even lie about how it was. We didn’t write anything that should bother Zbyňek,” concluded Sabina, whom Zbyněk allegedly begged to return to him. But because her phone was hacked, she doesn’t have a chance anymore.

And does Mach have a chance? Only time will tell. The field is probably free now, because Sabina is apparently officially single again.

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