Museum of Cossacks opened in Korablin, Ryazan district

Museum of Cossacks opened in Korablin, Ryazan district

On December 17, the museum “Motherland of the Cossacks” was opened in the Korablinsky House of Culture.

The first mention of the Ryazan Cossacks in the annals refers specifically to Korablin, or rather, to the battle that took place near him on the Listan River (winter 1443-1444). In it, the army of the Grand Duke of Moscow, the Mordovians and the Cossacks defeated the Tatars, led by Prince Mustafa.

In the museum you can see paintings depicting this battle. Also, numerous household items of the Cossacks, books about them, especially revered icons and quotes from great people were collected here. A special pride is a showcase with things of the 18th cavalry division. These exhibits from the Great Patriotic War helped to assemble the detachments of the Russian search movement.

The showcase displays horseshoes that were used for various tasks – moving along roads, ice, snow, sand, rocks. There are also spurs, a comb for a horse and the main weapon of the Red Army – the Mosin rifle.

The head of the administration of the Vyshgorod rural settlement, Valery Lomov, noted that the idea of ​​the museum was born five years ago. This time was spent on organizational issues and collection of exhibits. Of course, the exposition will continue to expand. In addition, plans include the creation of an open-air museum at the site of the Battle of Listan.

The opening ceremony of the museum ended with a performance by the Mikhailov Cossacks.

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