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New recipe: preparing the Magic December salad

As always, in December everyone lives in anticipation of two special holidays – the New Year and Christmas, with which the expectation of a good fairy tale and a miracle is inextricably linked. And so today we will also plunge into this pre-holiday atmosphere and prepare a delicious salad with the appropriate name – “Magic December”.


  • smoked chicken breast – ½ piece,
  • prunes – 40 g,
  • fresh cucumbers – 1-2 pcs.,
  • chicken eggs – 4 pcs.,
  • Dutch cheese – 100 g,
  • walnuts, dill, lettuce – for decoration,
  • olive mayonnaise – for dressing.


First, cut the smoked chicken breast and prunes into small cubes, season with mayonnaise, mix and lay out in a uniform layer on a flat dish. We grate three hard-boiled chicken eggs in advance and level them – this will be the second layer of salad, we will also grease it with a thin layer of mayonnaise. The next stage is to cut finely fresh cucumbers, lay them out and make a mayonnaise mesh. Again, grind the remaining boiled chicken egg on top of the cucumbers, grate the cheese and fill it with our salad, and in conclusion, coat it well on all sides with mayonnaise, like a cream cake.

Now let’s show a little imagination and proceed to decorate the salad. To do this, grind walnut kernels in a mortar and sprinkle it on top, like a light snowball. On the sides below, lay lettuce leaves around tightly to each other. We got like a snow-covered glade. And from the whole halves of the nuts we will lay out a semblance of Christmas tree cones at the top, sticking a sprig of dill into the base of each – let it resemble a winter pine forest.

Our salad is ready! It turned out very beautiful and just as delicious. It really exudes the spirit of winter magic, and, trying it, we seem to be immersed in the New Year’s fairy tale of December …

Interesting stories

The name of December comes from the Latin word decem, which means ten. At first it was the tenth month, but after the completion of the calendar reform in ancient Rome, it became the twelfth. In our language, the word migrated along with the new calendar from Byzantium in the Middle Ages and in the original version looked like “decembrius”. In December, there is a special day – the winter solstice: on the 22nd, the longest night and the shortest day of the year.

Most of the month (from the 1st to the 22nd) is considered the first winter, and only the last week of December belongs to the real winter. As soon as in Rus’ in the old days this month was not called! Usually it was called icy and jelly – because of the arrival of winter cold. For gloomy clouds hanging low over the horizon, and early twilight, December received the nicknames of frowning and temenik.

They said: “December is midnight of the year,” because it is the darkest month of the year. For blizzards and snowstorms, he was called a fierce and snowstormer, for painting on glass – a pattern, for building ice crossings across rivers and ponds – a bridge and ice formation. “December – the ice gates of winter”, “In December, winter lays canvases, and frost builds bridges.” Also, this month was called the wind-chime, the wind-winter and chills, and also the draft – long evenings and nights drag on, and the white day is very short.

The people said: “December takes everything and gives nothing back, and it will pave, and nail, and give the sleigh a ride.” As soon as the roads were covered with snow and the toboggan path was established, the peasants hurried to the forest for firewood and material for repairing the hut. At that time, women gathered for gatherings: they spun a tow, felt felt boots, sewed sheepskin coats and mittens, and in order to better argue, they talked and sang conversations.

And even in winter, the peasants were engaged in crafts, it is not for nothing that they say: “Crafts are a consequence of Russian frosts.” They made all sorts of products for sale: for themselves for income – for the city people for beauty and entertainment. This is how the famous Khokhloma and Dymkovo toy, Zhostovo painting, Vyatka lace and Gzhel ceramics appeared …

There are many weather signs associated with December. If the smoke from the chimney spreads, but the weather is calm, it will snow. Pets cover their muzzles with their paws – a harbinger of an imminent cold snap. The random movement of birds in the sky indicates the approach of a snowstorm. By the December weather, one could also guess what kind of spring and summer to expect. If the winds whistle often, then in March and April there will be slush in the yard. Clear and warm December promised a protracted spring, snowy – a rainy summer.

Elena Veksler,Image by KamranAydinov on freepik

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