New SPEED: Farewell to the Audi R8, an interview before the Dakar and a look back at the Monaco Grand Prix Historique

We tested the new Range Rover Sport P400, Mercedes-AMG EQE 43 or MINI John Cooper Works. We went to Spain to test the final edition Audi R8 GT RWD, we interviewed Martin Prokop ahead of the Dakar, we give you a tip on how to bring the kids to motorsport without ruining the family budget and we look back at the amazing Monaco Grand Prix Historique.


Audi R8 GT RWD

When the Audi R8 hit the market, it put a smile on many faces. Today, the R8 is one of the last supercars of the old school. And unfortunately they are saying goodbye. At the end, Audi prepared a limited edition car with 620 horsepower and rear-wheel drive only.

Behind the wheel of the Audi R8 GT RWD, you will realize the essence and charm of a classic mid-engined sports car. The 10-cylinder you have to spin, the sharp gearbox and the agility of the go-kart make a fantastic whole. All 333 pieces of this limited edition are the final performance of a successful era. Petr Hanke will convey his feelings about what is probably the best version of the Audi R8.


Martin Prokop

Martin Prokop – the junior world rally champion title is already a bit dusty, but he still appears both on the WRC special stages. Above all, however, he competes in long-distance competitions.

He is preparing for the next edition of the Dakar Rally, he has an improved car, determination and an equally determined navigator. Before he sent the equipment to Marseille, he talked with Petr Horák not only about the Dakar, but also about current events in the WRC and other things.


Live for speed - Prague Academy

Go-karts – for some, a means of entertaining free time with friends in a go-kart rental, for others, a basic building block in their career in the world of motorsport. All successful drivers in F1, touring and GT cars, endurance racing and even rally or autocross have raced in karts at some point in their careers and often return to them as part of their training, as karting represents the purest form of racing.

Everything is immediate and intense, which is also why driving a go-kart is great training for experienced pilots from other automotive disciplines. A go-kart is to car racers what a “Kroska” is to motorcyclists. Virtually every car company active in top motorsport has a program to educate young promising drivers in junior formula series. Česká Praga goes even further, looking for talents among young children. And successfully.


Monaco Grand Prix Historique

The Monaco Grand Prix Historique has been held since 1997. Originally, it was not planned to return to the streets of Monte Carlo with historic cars, the first year was created as part of the celebration of seven hundred years of the Grimaldi rule as a one-off event, but due to extreme popularity it has become a regular event and is held before the race weekend of contemporary F1.

The thirteenth edition of the Monaco Grand Prix of Historians was an amazing event and we are pleased to announce that the second smallest country in the world once again managed to play with all the colors and appeal to all our senses. The organizers put together seven dream grids and once again the walls of the principality’s buildings shook to their foundations under the onslaught of the best that motorsport has brought in the past decades. In addition, the Monaco Grand Prix Historique bypassed the one-year hiatus. It’s usually held every two years, but thanks to the covid break in 2020, fans got two years in a row.

Enjoy the rest of the year with the latest issue of SPEED and happy reading!

Petr Horák, editor-in-chief

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