New Year’s Fair opened in the Ryazan Trade Town

New Year’s Fair opened in the Ryazan Trade Town

At noon on January 20, the New Year’s Fair officially opened in the Torgovy Gorodok in Ryazan. It will operate from 11:00 to 19:00 on weekdays and from noon to 21:00 on weekends and holidays.

With New Year mood

Yulia Shvakova, Deputy Chairman of the Government of the Ryazan Region, looked at how it is traded and how it is bought at the fair. She walked along more than twenty kiosks-teremki, talked with sellers and buyers, and even circled arm in arm with a bunny at the festive stage. And then she told reporters about her impressions.

“The impressions are very pleasant, the New Year atmosphere at the fair has developed,” Yulia Shvakova said.

She noted that, in general, the task set by the governor was solved – to create a convenient for both sellers and buyers, not only beautiful, but also a functional trading platform.

“We hope that the people of Ryazan will be happy to buy food for the festive table and souvenirs here,” Yulia Shvakova said. “Children and adults will be able to play and watch and listen to the performances of artists…”

The first fair impressions are quite positive. Although, for now, the fair in the Market Town is not so much about trade and the economy, but about the mood. If we compare the volumes of sales, then at Saturday fairs at the sites already familiar to Ryazan, agricultural products are sold by an order of magnitude more. But in the Trade Town and on Victory Square, where there is another festive fairground, New Year’s Eve atmosphere, music and round dances. And the sellers work in heated “teremki”, which is especially important in the established frosty weather.

Neither buyers nor sellers get bored

There were also quite a few customers in the Market Town. But on the opening day of the fair, of course, children enjoyed the most. Our correspondent met Lera Samoilova and her grandmother Antonina Nikolaevna Gulakova. Lera was happy to be photographed with the mass entertainers – the Hare, the Snowman and the Bear, she was the first to get up in a round dance and smiled willingly, posing for the Press publishing house. Together with my grandmother, we managed to buy a lollipop in one of the stalls (from the spice factory). When asked who she bought, she answered: “Zayu!”

Lera is not yet three years old, she does not even go to kindergarten yet, she spends time with her grandmother. Surely, until January 8, grandmother and granddaughter will visit the fair more than once …

Vendors don’t get bored either. Maria Viktorovna, who sells the products of I.V. Nikitina from the Spassky district, with pickles, urination, fruits and other goodies, said that she was glad of the opportunity. It is not easy to get a good, “passing” place at Saturday fairs, the competition is very high. And here, during the work of the festive fair, you can bargain well.

So far, the fair occupies only part of the Trading Town. Much of the area is still under renovation. Most of the pavilions of the former Ryazan VDNKh have already acquired an elegant look. And when the reconstruction is completed completely, the scale of trade, including festive trade, will become completely different.

Pavel Malkov, Governor of the Ryazan Region, commented on the opening of the fair in the Torgovy Gorodok after the government meeting:

“Today we are opening the fair, I invite all Ryazan residents to visit it. Now only the landscaped area has been opened. Okay, interesting, but that’s only part of the territory. Then we have to open it completely, fill every building, every building of the Trading Town with life. For each there is a concept, an understanding of how it will develop. Somewhere – a restaurant, somewhere – a cafe, somewhere a public space – a multifunctional center, a library, and so on. We have to implement such plans. This will take more than one year, but a start has been made,” said Pavel Malkov.

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