Nikolai Nosov Street will appear near the Dunno River

At the same time, the name of the river is not connected with the main character of the fairy-tale trilogy.

The Dunno River is the left tributary of the Desna and stretches for 32 kilometers. For the most part, the river is located in New Moscow, between the Kaluga and Kyiv highways. On old maps, it could be found under the names Neznan and Neznanka (apparently, from the negation of the verb “to know”), later the name Dunno became more common, which stuck to it until our times. That is, the name of the river has nothing to do with the work of Nikolai Nosov.

However, next year marks the 115th anniversary of the writer’s birth. And in honor of this anniversary in a new residential area in the settlement of Kokoshkino near the Dunno River pave Nikolay Nosov street. The connection does not end there – Nosova Street will cross Aerostatnaya Street (a kind of allusion to the trip of shorties in a balloon) and run into the well-maintained embankment of the Dunno River.

Ilya Ryabov, head of the New Vnukovo project, comments on the decision to name the street in honor of the writer: “For us, naming a street named after Nikolai Nikolaevich Nosov is not only a tribute to the memory of a famous children’s writer, but also the creation of a genius place. In order for a new district to become native and beloved for residents, it must have a history and soul, it must be filled with meaning and form an emotional connection with those who live here or just come to take a walk or play with children.”



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