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Nizhny Tagil to host New Year’s snowdrift cycling race

The final cycling race of this year, Nezamerzaika-2022, will be held in Nizhny Tagil. Everyone who has a serviceable iron horse is invited to ride on a snowy track. The organizers promise that the participants will be accompanied by Santa Claus himself.

Both children and adults can take part in cyclocross, the Nizhny Tagil Tourism Development Center reported. Bicycles and warm clothing are required, and protective equipment is optional. Riders under 18 are only allowed with parents or responsible adults.

The race will take place at the Murinsky Ponds. The distance passes through the fields, includes dirt roads, areas with stones and gravel, has a small number of ups and downs. Some of the obstacles will need to be overcome on foot. The race is held on a ring section with a length of about 2300 meters with a climb of 20-30 meters per lap. The distance can be covered in 40 minutes, depending on the preparation. Men have to drive 3 laps, women and children have to overcome 2 laps each.

The organizers are sure that none of the participants will freeze. On the course, it will be possible to drink hot tea and treat yourself to sweets, sit by the fire and take part in competitions. And all this in the company of Santa Claus himself.

The race will take place on December 25 from 11.00 to 14.30. Participation in competitions is free, but required pre-registration.

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