Octagon’s fictitious plan: Muradov soon as the new main star instead of Vémola? It has a hook!

Karlos Vémola he has many critics, but none of them can deny that he is still undoubtedly the biggest name in the Octagon and the organization relies heavily on his popularity.

The proof is the fact that when the Terminator had to back out of the match with rival Patrik Kincle at the last minute due to injury, many fans immediately started selling their tickets on social networks because they suddenly lost interest in the event.

Even those who wished to see Vémola on his knees were furious, and the promoter Ondřej Novotný had to start thinking up a plan B. First he offered a million euros for a fight with UFC star Diaz, then he quickly arranged an attractive boxing duel between Gábor Boráros and Václav Mikulášek. But even that was not enough for many, because they were especially looking forward to the main attraction of the evening.

Now that Vémola has returned home after two weeks in the hospital, completely weakened and mentally exhausted, there is again speculation about his final end. Although he claims that he will be back in full force soon, even the most loyal fans are already worried about his health.

“You should focus on your family… Carl, you should hang your gloves on a nail,” his staunch supporters write to Vémol.

Petr Kareš, the former head of the now defunct XFN organization, hinted at something like this in an interview with, who is of the opinion that Vémola most likely does not know when it is appropriate to quit and that his family and those around him should talk him out of it.

“Everything has its end, and even if not everyone can leave on top, they should leave with dignity and applause from the audience. Vémola certainly deserves applause for his sportsmanship in his last match.” Kares thinks.

Petr Kareš still as XFN promoter at the press conference.

When Muradov ends up in the UFC, Novotný will throw him a lasso, the source claims

Even Vémola himself indicated in recent interviews that the end of his career is slowly and surely approaching and that he has the last few years ahead of him.

The Oktagon MMA organization has many great wrestlers under its wing who perform more attractively in the cage than Vémola. However, in terms of media interest, no one can match him yet. For that reason, the promoters of Novotný and Neruda have to look for a new main face that the crowds will go to.

There have been reports circulating for some time that Novotný is to have a preliminary agreement with Uzbek fighter Makhmud Muradov, who fights in the same weight category as Vémola (up to 84 kg, editor’s note)is currently in the UFC and quite possibly has his last two fights in the prestigious American organization.

“When Muradov jumps in the UFC, immediately Ondra (Novotný) will want to lure him back to the Octagon and will offer him a contract,” a person involved in Czech MMA confided to Expres.

“They have very good relations with each other and there will certainly be no problem in reaching an agreement,” adds the second source of Expres.

Makhmud Muradov

Muradov himself recently hinted at his eventual return to the largest domestic organization, who regularly attends Oktagon galas and it is no secret that he has very good relations with Novotný, Vémola and Ive Rittig.

According to our information, it was the influential businessman who was supposed to significantly help Muradov with his transfer from XFN to Octagon.

Makhmud Muradov made a bet with Ive Rittig and won.

A possible return to the Octagon has a catch

In a recent interview with the editor of the website, Muradov stated in all seriousness that he would be tempted by a match with the now former champion of the welterweight division, David Kozma. The latter defeated Makhmud’s trainer Petr “Monster” Knížet some time ago.

“One day I would like to avenge Monster. If he (David Kozma) stays in the Octagon and I end up in the UFC, maybe I’d like to fight him one day.” stated this April at the Muradov tournament.

Makmud with his mentor Petr Knížet.

So it is evident that Muradov is taking the Octagon as his first choice if another contract with the UFC does not work out. He never hid the fact that the Czechia was his second home. He has a daughter Rumia, a lot of friends, a trainer and a home gym in Prague’s Holešovice.

However, Muradov’s potential return to the Octagon has a catch. In the UFC, he first scored three wins, then received a new, more lucrative contract for 4 fights.

He has two defeats since signing his new contract and it is very likely that if he does not win in the upcoming matches, he will not receive another contract from Dana White. It already means long months of waiting for Muradov to be officially free.

Another stick under Octagon’s feet is the fact that fighters in the UFC have a clause in their contracts that after the end of the contract, the American organization has the exclusive right to call back the dismissed fighter for 6 months and he cannot prefer another organization if he is interested.

Even so, it can be expected that sooner or later Oktagon will try to return his lost son and at the same time the arrival of a new main star.

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