On Presnensky Val, the building of the plant “In Memory of the Revolution of 1905” is being demolished

Sooner or later, a new residential complex will appear here.

The plans for the development of this territory became known several years ago, when the first renders of the project appeared on the network. The residential complex should be built between the railway tracks of the Belarusian direction and Presnensky Val Street.

Work on the site began last year. “Archnadzor” writesthat they are now demolishing the main plant management building – the one that faces the street. It was built in the 1930s and has no protected status.

“Heavy machinery is working from the side of the yard. Apparently, they gave the command to hurry up, since the work order ends on December 30 of this year, ”the city defenders write. They note that there may be violations: from the side of the street, the public transport stop, the sidewalk and the roadway were not protected in any way.

A memorial plaque in memory of the December 1905 uprising deserves special attention. It hung on the facade of the building, it is now dismantled, what will happen to it next is unknown.



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