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On the Don, an intelligent transport system is being introduced

On the Don, in the fourth quarter of 2024, the intelligent transport system of the Rostov agglomeration (ITS) will be set up and put into operation. Work on its creation started in 2020 as part of the regional project “System-wide measures for the development of the road sector” of the national project “Safe quality roads”.

Server hardware has already been purchased, a software package consisting of 11 modules has been purchased. Among them are modules for the administration of transport offenses, centralized informing of traffic participants, road work management, dispatching control of ITS for emergencies and emergency situations, transport forecasting and modeling.

Subsystems for traffic light control, ensuring the priority of vehicle traffic, meteorological monitoring, video surveillance, and detection of traffic accidents were purchased.

  • The ITS of the Rostov agglomeration will unite various departmental systems for the effective management of traffic flows. As a result of the project implementation, it is expected that the accident rate will decrease by 10%, transport delays will be reduced by 17%, the speed of the traffic flow will increase by 13%, – explained the Deputy Governor of the Rostov Region – Minister of Transport Vladimir Okunev.

In total, within the framework of the ITS, more than 303 traffic light controllers, about 700 traffic flow detectors, 30 automatic road weather stations, 140 video surveillance cameras and more than 20 different software products will be installed and upgraded.


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