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On the Don, beneficiaries will be able to choose free travel instead of compensation

The deputies of the Don parliament adopted a law that directly concerns home front workers, citizens affected by political repression, federal labor veterans and labor veterans of the Rostov region. Since April 1 of this year, the in-kind benefit in the form of free travel in public transport has been monetized for them, i.e. replaced by a monthly cash payment of 1,000 rubles. Now, from May 2023, these categories of citizens, if they wish, will again be able to use free travel.

– The decision to replace the in-kind benefits for travel in public transport with monetary compensation was made in February with some anxiety. In fact, after the adoption of this law, we received different reactions from people. Most of the recipients of this payment were satisfied that they had the opportunity to have a payment in real monetary terms in exchange for the right to free travel, which they hardly used for various reasons. But many residents of the Rostov Region, especially in large cities, felt that such a decision violated their right to use public transport to the same extent that they used before, – commented Alexander Ishchenko, Chairman of the Legislative Assembly of the Rostov Region.

He noted that a special working group was created in the Legislative Assembly to resolve the situation. As a result, with the support of the governor, a compromise solution was found that satisfied all interested parties.

“Citizens will now be able to choose the format of receiving the benefits themselves – either in monetary terms, or use free travel on almost the same terms. At the same time, motor transport enterprises will receive reimbursement for the travel of actually transported beneficiaries, the speaker of the Don parliament emphasized.

To this end, until May 2023, a cashless fare payment system will be introduced throughout the Rostov Region. In order to choose free travel instead of compensation, the regional beneficiary will have to apply to the social security authorities at the place of residence or to the MFC from January 9, 2023 until February 20, write an application to refuse the monthly cash payment. It is also necessary to write an application for an electronic card, which will pay for travel at the expense of the budget. These cards must be collected at the place of application before May 1. Starting May 1, 2023, the right to travel free of charge can already be used.

It should be noted that in order to fix free travel, it will be necessary to attach to the validator in transport only that personalized card that will be issued by the social protection authority. This is necessary so that each transport company receives reimbursement from the regional budget for the travel of regional beneficiaries.

In the future, each regional beneficiary can change his mind and start receiving monetary compensation again. To do this, he will have to send a corresponding appeal before October 1.

As for the monthly cash payment, its size will be indexed by 5.5% and will amount to 1,055 rubles in 2023.

In addition, federal beneficiaries must also replace unified social travel tickets with personalized cards from May 1, 2023. They also need to submit an application to the social security authorities or the MFC from January 9 to February 20, 2023

Press Service of the Legislative Assembly of the Rostov Region, photo VKontakte Taganrog Mountains Transport

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