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On the Don during the holidays will strengthen law enforcement

In the Rostov region, more than 3.5 thousand police officers, the National Guard and representatives of public law enforcement associations will be involved in ensuring law and order during the New Year holidays. More than 150 traffic police units will ensure road safety.

This was discussed today, December 20, at a meeting of the operational headquarters of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia for the prevention of offenses in the video-conferencing mode, in which Mikhail Korneev, Deputy Governor of the Rostov Region, took part.

More than a thousand New Year events are planned in the region, of which more than 50 will be held directly on December 31. In addition, Christmas services are planned in cathedrals and temples.

According to Mikhail Korneev, a number of measures have already been taken to stabilize the operational situation in the region. Additional police units are posted on the streets and in public places.

  • A comprehensive development of the residential sector, hotels, hostels located in close proximity to the venues of festive events is being carried out. Barrage posts have been set up in the passenger traffic across the administrative borders of the region, and traffic police units are on duty at the entrances to cities and towns, he said.


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