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On the Don, the overhaul of the regional highway was completed ahead of schedule

In the Rostov Region, a major overhaul of the regional highway Rostov-on-Don – Semikarakorsk – Volgodonsk was completed one year ahead of schedule. 20.6 km of the route has been brought to the standard state. Overhaul with a total cost of 1.3 billion rubles was carried out at two sections that run through the territory of Semikarakorsky, Martynovsky and Volgodonsky districts.

The quality and scale of the overhaul was assessed by the Deputy Governor of the Rostov Region – Minister of Transport Vladimir Okunev during a working trip.

The overhaul of the 14.2 km section of the road (km 119+100 – km 133+000) began in 2021 and was scheduled to be completed on October 31, 2023. In addition to the renovation of the pavement, the bridge was reconstructed here, eight car pavilions equipped with autonomous lighting systems, and toilets were installed. A metal barrier fence and signal posts appeared, horizontal road markings were applied, the government of the region reports.

On the second section with a length of 6.4 km (km 145 + 900 – km 152 + 300), which was planned for delivery on November 31, 2023, a set of road works was also completed.

“Given that the Rostov-Semikarakorsk-Volgodonsk highway is part of the regional backbone road network, we are systematically, year after year, bringing it to a standard state. This is the main highway connecting the regional center with the eastern territories of the region. There is consistently high traffic here, road workers work under traffic, so the Ministry of Transport always takes measures to minimize inconvenience for motorists. I consider the early completion of road works to be one of such effective measures,” said Vladimir Okunev.


We previously reported that in the region construction of a bridge across the Rostov Sea continues.

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